Mercedes-Benz - Racing Transporter Convoy (Das Blauwe Wunder) - Swedish Grand Prix 1955
Automobila, Kunst und Dekoration

Mercedes-Benz – Racing Transporter Convoy – Swedish Grand Prix 1955
Limited Edition 50 Pcs – With Certificate. – Size 70×50 cm.

The first Swedish Grand Prix was run in 1973 at the Scandinavian Raceway in Anderstorp. However, the title was also officially given to three sports car races run at the Rabelov circuit at Kristianstad in the late 1950s. There were also Swedish Winter Grands Prix and Swedish Summer Grands Prix immediately before and after World War 2. No fewer than 75,000 people attended the first official Swedish Grand Prix at the demanding 4.04-mile Rabelov circuit at Kristianstad in August 1955. The race, unfortunately, was a dull procession with Fangio leading Moss, both in Mercedes 300SLRs, for all but the first lap-with only four cars finishing



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